Why is the Rupee Value Decreasing

The Rupee Value reached it's Feeblest value during the last few months. May soon fall down the abyss of 1 USD = 60 Rupees. There will be many inevitable affects on the economy.

What are the Effects of Decreasing Rupee Value

The Indian Exporters will enjoy the benefits of Decreasing Rupee value, But the Importers will be at a great loss. India, Greatly relying on Middle East countries for petroleum imports, will experience a drastic change in the petroleum product prices. Which consequently increases prices of all goods. 

The rising prices of Electronics is inevitable. If you compare the price range of Gadgets and mobile phones of previous months, you can evidence the obvious change. Foreign education now imposes more financial burden. 

Why is the Rupee Value Decreasing

Currency Value is determined by it's demand. Recently due to inflation in American and European markets, investors from those countries were forced to relieve their investments in Indian companies, which infact decreased the demand of Indian Rupee.

 Corruption in India scared away the investors. Scams in everything, Telecom, Commonwealth, e.t.c dwindling public funds. 

To avoid the downfall of our economy we must quickly act and revive the investors confidence