10 Shocking Facts About India

I've already listed out the positive facts about India, But i should also provide a glimpse of the negative part of India. A term 'Developing Country' is coined for the country. The Officials boast about the growing economy, Rising Billionaires.

They couldn't perceive the growing burden on the Common man, Rising Prices, Inflation. Shortage of food, Deplorable rate of Human Development Index. No wonder why there is a rapid increase in the number of communists, agitators and Maoists.

Here are some Shocking Facts about India. 
  • India ranks 85th Position among 160 countries in corruption according Transparency International Index. In one year it takes a step further and ranks 84 with regard to 2009's statistics
  • Total corrupt money is estimated to be 2 Trillion dollars, although this just a guess figure.
  • The biggest scam ever in India was the 2G Spectrum scam involving more than 1 and a half trillion dollars. 
  • 12 Rupees  is the current poverty line of India. Ask them to show atleast one man who can live with 12 INR a day
  • 80 Percent of the population can be considered poor who's life is worse than deplorable, Thanks to the economic term poverty line, Government claims 90% of the population is above poverty lin
  • The Value of Indian Rupee is decreasing rapidly. According to current conversion rate 1 USD = 54 INR.
  •  India stands second in most number of Murders, with over 32,719 murders per annum