Weird News and Weird Facts about India

India holds many Interesting and Amazing Facts. With it's almost boundless history, various traditions, cultures , There are countless number of things to boast about.

1. Indian Army has developed a unique weapon for warfare. The chilly grenade is a non-lethal weapon made from world's hottest chilly called Bhut Jolokia. This weird news yet again reflected the creativity of Indians.

2. One of the mind blowing Weird Facts of India is that 25% of Global Working class population will be Indians in near future

3. India is World's second largest importer of weapons.

4. India has 28 World Heritage sites according to 2011. A majority share of global tourism revenue is held by Indian Toursim

5. It holds second position in the number of Software developers. It has many giant Technological firms, Software firms

6. The World's Largest Montessory school is present in India. With more than 25 thousand students.

7. The first signs of plastic surgery and the entire science about it can be found in ancient Vedas

. India holds innumerable Weird Facts and Weird News