TOP 10 Haunted Places in India

Are you a Ghost Hunting enthusiast? Or atleast love to get immersed in chills and frills or dismissing the allegations. Experience a spooky stay at these Hunted Hotels and places of India

Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad: Ramoji Film City is a tollywood film studio located away from the city. It is  located at a serene place on a hill top slide midst film shooting settings and structures. Hotel Staff offer exemplary service and the rooms are elegantly furnished

 It was constructed on the graves of deceased soldiers of the army of Golkanda Fort. There have been several reports of Ghost sightings and also spooky horror incidents occurring in this place

Bhangarh, Rajasthan: Bhangarh Palace is surrounded beneath a mysterious tale behind it. It was allegedly according to myth. cursed by a Guru (Spiritual person). He cursed if the shadow of the palace reaches his crib, the town will eventually be deserted and devastated.

Tourism Board doesn't allow entry to this place before and after sunset.

Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala: Lonavala is a renowned hill station accessible through Mumbai. It is the favorite Getaway spot for Mumbai residents. It is a blissful location covered with tranquil bed of trees, grass lands and terraced hill fields.

Raj Kiran Hotel, specifically one room is convicted for many night hauntings and terrors. A British official was killed in a local war nearby. It is believed to be his restless soul wandering the place. Hotel management officially closed down the room for renting

d'Souza Chawl of Mahim, Mumbai: A ground well in this area is allegedly haunted every single day by a restless soul. A woman drowned in this well and buried alive. The vengeful spirit is still known to terrorize the locals who are foolish enough to dare.

Looks like story of 'The Ring?' but no, It's true

Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai: Looks like Mumbai is the favorite hub for these hauntings and ghost wanderings. The terror 26/11 (Bomb blasts of Taj Mahal hotel by Pak terrorists), several people died in this bloody massacre

It is reported that these souls still lie dormant waiting to avenge their death.

 Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune: Although it is filled with tourists during the day. Locals report sightings of a little boy covered with blood and scars all over his face. He is none other than, Narayan, the youngest peshwa of Pune kingdom

He was brutally murdered by some nabs

Interesting Facts about ancient India

India is a home for cultural and traditional diversity. Ever since medival period, India held wide cultural heritage, and always filled with Interesting Facts. Here are some of the Interesting Facts about Ancient India

  • Yoga, the world's most popular Alternative health therapy, originated in India
  • The earliest settlers of India were Aryans and Dravidians
  • The Aryans occupied the northern India, Where as Dravidians Settled in the Southern scope.
  • Chess has it's origins in India, the modern game is the overhaul of the Indian version
  • Taj Mahal, one of the 7 Wonders of the world was built by Shah Jahan during 1632 and 1653
  • India is the home for various architectural wonders which can be witnessed near the Delhi, Fatehpur Sikhri, Agra areas.
  • Gautham Buddha, the legend and the preacher of Buddhism, was from India
  • The most amusing fact is Indian architecture is the blend of Mughal, Turkish, Aryan and Hindu architectures
  • Raja Ravi Varma is a great painter from India, often referred to as Indian Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Ancient India has a wide knowledge in Science and Medical fields which can be witnessed form the Vedas and Charaka

Why is the Rupee Value Decreasing

The Rupee Value reached it's Feeblest value during the last few months. May soon fall down the abyss of 1 USD = 60 Rupees. There will be many inevitable affects on the economy.

What are the Effects of Decreasing Rupee Value

The Indian Exporters will enjoy the benefits of Decreasing Rupee value, But the Importers will be at a great loss. India, Greatly relying on Middle East countries for petroleum imports, will experience a drastic change in the petroleum product prices. Which consequently increases prices of all goods. 

The rising prices of Electronics is inevitable. If you compare the price range of Gadgets and mobile phones of previous months, you can evidence the obvious change. Foreign education now imposes more financial burden. 

Why is the Rupee Value Decreasing

Currency Value is determined by it's demand. Recently due to inflation in American and European markets, investors from those countries were forced to relieve their investments in Indian companies, which infact decreased the demand of Indian Rupee.

 Corruption in India scared away the investors. Scams in everything, Telecom, Commonwealth, e.t.c dwindling public funds. 

To avoid the downfall of our economy we must quickly act and revive the investors confidence

Top 10 weird happenings in India

India is a land of varied cultural heritage. Every nook and corner is filled with mysteries, I've listed top 10 strange, weird happenings in India.

Top 10 weird happenings in India

  • Kodinhi a remote village in kerala reportedly has 250 sets of twins
  • Recently, a baby with 8 legs was born in India. There were surgically removed successfully
  • Indians played an important role in cracking Tomato's genetic code
  • A twin-headed girl was born in India (Two twins with heads attached), were surgically operated and 
  • they now lead a normal life
  • One-horn Rhinos can only be found in India
  • Indian oil fire accident causes exhaustion of 100 million worth petrol burned up
  • Bones of Vampires were found in India recently.
  • Indians believe in  black magic which reportedly tortures and kills people with physical activity
  • Tallest girl in the world hails from India
  • These are few weird happenings in India

10 Shocking Facts About India

I've already listed out the positive facts about India, But i should also provide a glimpse of the negative part of India. A term 'Developing Country' is coined for the country. The Officials boast about the growing economy, Rising Billionaires.

They couldn't perceive the growing burden on the Common man, Rising Prices, Inflation. Shortage of food, Deplorable rate of Human Development Index. No wonder why there is a rapid increase in the number of communists, agitators and Maoists.

Here are some Shocking Facts about India. 
  • India ranks 85th Position among 160 countries in corruption according Transparency International Index. In one year it takes a step further and ranks 84 with regard to 2009's statistics
  • Total corrupt money is estimated to be 2 Trillion dollars, although this just a guess figure.
  • The biggest scam ever in India was the 2G Spectrum scam involving more than 1 and a half trillion dollars. 
  • 12 Rupees  is the current poverty line of India. Ask them to show atleast one man who can live with 12 INR a day
  • 80 Percent of the population can be considered poor who's life is worse than deplorable, Thanks to the economic term poverty line, Government claims 90% of the population is above poverty lin
  • The Value of Indian Rupee is decreasing rapidly. According to current conversion rate 1 USD = 54 INR.
  •  India stands second in most number of Murders, with over 32,719 murders per annum

Weird News and Weird Facts about India

India holds many Interesting and Amazing Facts. With it's almost boundless history, various traditions, cultures , There are countless number of things to boast about.

1. Indian Army has developed a unique weapon for warfare. The chilly grenade is a non-lethal weapon made from world's hottest chilly called Bhut Jolokia. This weird news yet again reflected the creativity of Indians.

2. One of the mind blowing Weird Facts of India is that 25% of Global Working class population will be Indians in near future

3. India is World's second largest importer of weapons.

4. India has 28 World Heritage sites according to 2011. A majority share of global tourism revenue is held by Indian Toursim

5. It holds second position in the number of Software developers. It has many giant Technological firms, Software firms

6. The World's Largest Montessory school is present in India. With more than 25 thousand students.

7. The first signs of plastic surgery and the entire science about it can be found in ancient Vedas

. India holds innumerable Weird Facts and Weird News