Some facts about animals in India

India has a wide range of animal species. From rare to the rarest of species can be found in the wildlife forests of India.

The varied landscape and climate of India has made it one of the best places for animal habitats.

Some of the animal species in India are on the brink of extinction and it's our moral duty to do whatever possible to save these endangered species.
  • Cow is a holy animal in India. With 26 distinctive breeds, India is home to more than 200 million cows.
  • Indians are very serious about their cows. This is the only country in the world where there's a Bill of Rights for Cows.
  • There are about 1200 species of birds that can be found in India.
  • The biggest ant of India is about an inch in length.
  • Chickens arrived in India in 2500 B.C. from Thailand and China.
  • Indian rhino species have a single horn unlike other African Sumatran Rhinoceros which have two horns.
  • Stray dogs have been causing a persistent problem on Indian streets since many decades.