Fun facts about India

India is the paradise of Asia. With its vast and exotic culture, it is a travel destination for a lot of the tourists.

Priceless art, modern cities, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, temples, mountains, rivers and hills are some of the main attractions of India. On top of that there are so many interesting facts about India that people are unknown about.

India still follows it's traditional lifestyle since the the old days. The main charm in India are the festivals, which bring everyone together. You will be able to see a lot of people coming out on roads doing the rituals and having a good time.

There are just so many festivals in India that every other day is a National holiday. India is the biggest democracy in the world. The most famous man in India is believed to be Mahatma Gandhi. He taught the lesson of non- violence and had an immense contribution towards India's Independence. India became independent in 1947 and since then it's been developing at a very rapid rate.

Fun Facts about India:
  • India has one of the most beautiful women in the world. India has won five Miss World and two Miss Universe titles. Although still you would notice that in India girls put very less concern about the make up and fitness as compared to western countries.
  • The National game of India is Hockey. Although, Cricket is the most popular game in India. Indians believe cricket as their religion.
  • India's film industry is called Bollywood and it makes the most amount of movies in the world. Although, most of the Bollywood movies are copied from Hollywood! Indian movies are believed to be romantic with it's main emphasis on the LOVE part. Bollywood movies generally have the three main characters, "Actor", "Actress" and "The Bad Guy".
  • India has a large number of doctors and engineers. Although, most of the Indian guys like wasting their time going after girls and hanging out with their friends.