Facts about the ancient Indian Government

At the beginning when Vedic age was flourishing, people were living like nomads. It was after when the agriculture started to develop; they started living in groups.

These groups

Facts about HIV and AIDS in India

Estimated number of HIV/AIDS cases in India were 5.7 million in 2006. However, these are just

14 Facts about Indian people worldwide

Indians are very intelligent and quite devoted towards their education and work. Today, India feels proud of

Religion facts about India

India is the birthplace of many religions that are present in the world today. The most of India's population is Hindu which contributes towards the 80% of the population. The vastness in religion is one of

10 Interesting facts about India

If you look into India's history you will see that India is filled with many interesting facts. Indians have always been

Unusual facts about India

India has always been the gem of the east. Most of the people travel India to see it's uniqueness and the glories of the past. India is one of those countries which

Fun facts about India

India is the paradise of Asia. With its vast and exotic culture, it is a travel destination for a lot of the tourists.

Priceless art, modern cities, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, temples, mountains, rivers and